Work with a Dietitan!

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Compassionate Nutrition™

Jump into my 4 month Food Parenting Course and Coaching program! Your jump start to raising a healthy family with compassionate nutrition™! Convenient access to educational materials, menu templates, learning guides, and private podcast style lessons + coaching calls, support, and MORE!   So while you don’t get to work with a dietitian privately, this is a great start!

For parents who are ready to work towards raising a healthy family and want to get even the most selective eater to enjoy nutritious foods.  And find out more about me and why I created this course HERE!

Concierge Coaching

One to one work with a dietitian is where some serious magic happens! Resolve any nutrition and lifestyle challenge your family may be facing. Growth or size concerns, eating habits, feeding difficulties, eating disorder prevention, and more.
Private sessions at your convenience, messaging through out the week, food log reviews, access to all my current programs and more! But basically, I’m in your pocket to help you trouble shoot and encourage when you hit brick walls. This is for those of you who want close proximity nutrition lifestyle mentorship and you are ready to see life changing progress.
You get to design the lifestyle of your dreams. And I get to hold your hand through the journey.

If you’re interested in MRT food reaction testing and my LEAP protocol program – check that out HERE!

Healthy Family Membership

Our monthly subscription for $44 a month!
Community, coaching, meal planning, and more!

Performance Package

3 private sessions with the opportunity for food journal review!
You’ll build pillars of great nutrition and wellness so that you KNOW you’re meeting nutrient needs to perform your best at the gym, on stage, on the track or field, in the pool, or when you hit the hills on foot or tires! This is a great start to work with a dietitian short term!   

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