Testimonials from previous clients

You’re not alone.

Here are some comments from others who I have helped.

“I came to Sara because I had chronic bloating and IBS like symptoms that I wanted to get under control. I have been plagued with bad knowledge and put in a mindset of good food/bad food and that carbs were the enemy. The fitness industry is a huge fad, and fad diets teach younger people false information. 

Since working with Sara, I have the correct knowledge about how my body processes food and what is good for it. From the get go, she was so energetic and professional and easy to talk to. I also saw the “human” in her, and could tell she was doing this to actually help her clients.
I highly recommend Sara for several reasons. First, she is extremely knowledgeable and up-to-date with the latest nutritional science. She has a personalized approach, taking the time to understand my specific needs and health goals. Her recommendations are not just about diet, but also about making sustainable lifestyle changes. She is very supportive and patient, providing guidance and encouragement throughout my journey. Plus, she is always available to answer any questions or concerns I have. Overall, Sara has played a crucial role in improving my health and wellbeing. It was so fun to bounce my crazy thoughts and ideas about diets and food on to Sara!!


I was diagnosed with a particular type of IBS-D and was trying to resolve the issues without being on a steroid which is the normal treatment for the condition that I have. I am so thankful my condition can be treated without steroids and I can feel good again. Sara has everything you need, knowledge, expertise, assistance and ability to work with people in a supportive and friendly way. She helps you feel better and thrive.

It is surprising that there are tools available to make life easier when having to deal with special diets. This has been an amazing experience of finding answers to my health issues and actually being able to solve them and feeling so much better without having to use drugs of any kind.

Kathy S.

“If you want your life to change, you should reach out to Sara. It’s not an easy thing to jump into, but Sara will help guide you through it and before you even realize it you will feel confident in feeding yourself. I started feeling better within a couple of weeks. And it just gets better and better. I don’t have pain when I wake up in the morning. I can stand up straight. My skin is clearing up. My stomach doesn’t hurt all the time. My hair and nails are growing back. I had tried every approach and changing my diet has been the most beneficial, it has given me the most results. But it’s not as simple as avoiding gluten or dairy. Once I found out exactly which foods were causing issues (they were ones I eat often and whole, healthy foods) I was able to avoid those and reap the rewards. I can’t describe how much better I feel. Sara didn’t come on strong with a lot of pressure. She was easy to talk to, understanding of life, and encouraging. The future you will thank you for this investment in yourself. Trust me.”


Not only is Sara an amazing dietitian, but she is also a kind, encouraging person. Changing your family’s food routine takes time, and she helped me recognize and celebrate the small wins. After implementing some easy routine modifications as suggested by her, we were able to make noticeable improvements in our family’s health-related goals. I had worked with dietitians in the past who only focused on one thing – creating a list of food choices (that your child may or may not eat). Sara’s approach is completely different; she looks at the “whole picture” and helps develop a plan that works for your family, often using small changes that can make a big impact. She is the best, and I recommend her to everyone I know!


“When I found Sara, my child had negative reactions to any new foods presented and was completely dependent on the iPad at meal times. Now I feel empowered and capable about working with my child’s food journey. I used to feel so much guilt and dread around meal times, now I feel like I’m enough and doing my best for my child. Yes, working with Sara has turned our world around. With her encouragement and validation, we will continue this work for a long time to come. I would tell them what a positive and encouraging process working with you is. I’d tell my friend or relative to drop their guard and be open to compassion. Yep, I was ready to get scolded but instead I got a big ol’ compassionate food parenting hug! I love the courses and the ability to listen on my headphones. I love the support and the accountability I feel with the journals. I didn’t get reprimanded… I was met where I was and encouraged. Sara, you’re an amazing human and I love the light you’ve shined into our lives.”


I showed up in Sara’s inbox after fighting with myself for 7 years. After being diagnosed with RA in 2016, I struggled with generous amounts of inflammation and intense pain. Despite all the generalized information provided by my doctor and my never-ending Google searches, I couldn’t seem to find relief anywhere.
Sara spoke with me and completely understood my frustration and committed herself to helping me.
Signing up for some individualized testing and 3 months of hard work, we got busy building an action plan.
I diligently meal prepped and avoided all foods that I was proven to be reactive to for a month. and at the end of that first 30 days, I was pretty discouraged. Nothing had changed. My inflammation and pain was still high, with no end in sight.
BUT… after going to bed one night, 33 days into this game plan…I woke up the next morning completely pain free. I tied my own shoes for work, took my dog for a walk and was blissfully happy. It all changed for me, literally over night.
I can’t imagine my life now without Sara in it. She’s my go-to person for all things nutrition, movement and friendship.
Nowhere will you find someone more committed to your success and wellbeing. Regardless of your mountain of struggles, take your nutritional burdens to her and she can help unload them for you.
You don’t need to face these battles alone, and you certainly don’t need to face them with Google. Let her knowledge and expertise guide you!


“We found Sara on IG through a reel and reached out because our son was a picky eater and refusing to eat.  After working with her for 3 months, now my son tries new foods! He is more open to dinner time. Meals are less stressful. Sara is a valuable addition to our lives! I didn’t know what to expect nor had any knowledge of what a dietitian did when we started working together. And I really didn’t realize the complexity of eating until I met Sara. Our family had reached a point where we had all but given up that our son’s eating habits would ever change. Sara was able to provide the tools needed to break bad habits and help guide us to build new habits.”


“I worked with Sara because my 11 year old daughter had extreme weight loss over a 6 month period.  We were looking for help in getting her to eat and gain weight. Sara’s immediate response and the time she took on the initial call confirmed that she was the right person to help our family.

We have gained tools, my daughter is thriving and learning what she needs to fuel her body with to be successful. My daughter’s appetite returned, but our whole family has benefited from working with Sara. She will encourage you and give you sufficient tools. She will not shame, overwhelm or ask you to do anything that your family cannot do.

The challenges you are facing today can be overcome and Sara will help you and your family walk to thriving not just surviving. Her knowledge, support and little tools can make a huge difference. Honestly, Sara has been more than anything I could ask for and definitely an answer to my prayers. Thank you! Thank you!  With tears in my eyes thank you!”

Nicole J.

“Our 2 yr old was struggling to have regular bowel movements accompanied with severe belly pains and he would in turn stop eating and it became this vicious cycle of no eating and no pooping. We had gone to the doctor with our concerns about him not eating much and were told this was a phase and it would work itself out.

I reached out to Sara to see if she could help us. My son is now pooping! Yay for poop. And I just feel so much more comfortable with his eating routines. Sara really helped us as parents with meal times. Things like pressuring, his seating arrangements, his milk choices, volume of food and liquids, and the biggest one was mindset. She helped us with little tweaks here and there and that all lead up to big successes for our boy. It was wonderful to work with Sara! She is extremely helpful and knowledgeable! And patient with all the questions and ups and downs. Overall it was a wonderful experience we had working with Sara.”

The Morelli’s

“We came to Aspiring Sprouts for my 8 year old who had severe eating anxiety and aversion. This was our last hope before having to go the route of feeding tubes. We worked with Sara and her patience and understanding are beyond amazing. There was no judgement or pressure and she made my son comfortable. Her approach is different than any other nutritionist, and it was just what we needed.

I can’t thank her enough for her help. While we don’t work with her anymore, I still know that I can reach out to her with milestones! We learned so much that we were able to take away and continue to use these methods today. My son is still picky, but he now is open to trying new foods, knows it’s ok not to like something and has gained 5 pounds, 3 while we were working with Sara and has gained 2 more since our sessions ended. He has finally hit the 50 pound mark!! I can’t recommend Aspiring Sprouts enough.”


“Sara’s compassionate and honest approach are wonderful when you need someone to help you navigate the stress of feeding your kid/family or self. I started working with Sara because I knew if she was going to suggest something, she had tried it with her own kids or would try it with her own. She is open about successes, and failures, and she learns and celebrates them all with open arms.

My almost 3 yr old is very selective in what he eats, when he eats, and how he eats. Thankfully with some of her coaching, guidance, and encouragement we have added a few more foods to my toddlers list of acceptable foods, and most meals/snacks are not a battle. Changing your mindset is ASTONISHING!! We still have work to do, but setting the foundation and fixing the cracks from my lack of knowledge has begun. I know I can reach out at anytime and Sara is going to help however she can. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Sara.”


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