Raise a healthy family.

And get even the most selective eater to enjoy nutritious food!

Welcome to Aspiring Sprouts®! I’m Sara – a pediatric and family registered dietitian since 2014 and I help you raise a healthy family!

Through compassionate nutrition, you can: 

  • Feel confident with your family’s health and wellness
  • Get even the most selective eater to enjoy nutritious foods
  • Watch your child(ren) eat and grow just right
  • Create, and embody, your dream nutrition lifestyle.

Current Offerings:

Family making pizza together and eating

Compassionate Nutrition™

Food parenting course + coaching program.

4 month jump start to getting your whole family eating nutritious foods without a fight OR giving them a complex!

Concierge Coaching

For those of you who are ready for deep, vulnerable work and behavior change to see massive results for the whole family.

Healthy Family Membership

Our month-to-month subscription for healthy family living. If you want to raise a holistically healthy family, with support from a registered dietitian and community, check out the membership

Many people believe raising a healthy family is all about WHAT you feed them. But with compassionate nutrition… it’s about HOW you feed them.

Hi! I’m Sara.

I’m SO happy you’re here! Please feel free to click around to learn more about me, my methods, and more information about working together! Making your family’s nutrition and wellness a priority isn’t always easy and I’m in the weeds with you sometimes! No one is perfect and I’m not here to judge or expect that you are… because planning, preparing, knowing it all… can feel impossible but if we do this together, it definitely feels less stressful.

Check out more all about me HERE and feel free to email me at Sara@aspiringsprouts.com if you have any questions.

Family nutrition and health is not only something I teach…. I live it too! 

So let’s be friends!

Follow me on social media to learn more about me and my family. We are pretty fun. Watch us all grow and navigate all sorts of family life stuff.
Plus, you’ll hear more about Aspiring Sprouts® and Compassionate Nutrition… and why I love to teach it to my clients.

Hear from happy families!

Our family had reached a point where we had all but given up that our son’s eating habits would ever change. Sara was able to provide the tools needed to break bad habits and help guide us to build new habits.


Her knowledge, support and little tools can make a huge difference. Honestly, Sara has been more than anything I could ask for and definitely an answer to my prayers. Thank you! Thank you!  With tears in my eyes thank you!

Nicole J.

It was wonderful to work with Sara! She is extremely helpful and knowledgeable! And patient with all the questions and ups and downs. Overall it was a wonderful experience we had working with Sara.

The Morellis

Need a quick win??

Here are my 5 favorite strategies to implement for PEACEFUL family meals. Give them a try and let me know how they work! Plus, you’ll get signed up for my VIP weekly newsletter! (I promise, I don’t spam you…I don’t have time for that.)

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