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Cooking with kids can lead to more adventurous eaters

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I’m so happy you made it to my family nutrition blog and wee little slice of the internet. I’m a registered dietitian, and mother of 3! You can learn more about me by following me on social media or learn more HERE!

My content is for anyone who is feeding kids, cares about health and wellness, and/or wants to raise a healthy family without giving their kids a complex! Because “healthy” is subjective! You’ll find that my approach to feeding kids and family is based on kindness. I call it Compassionate Nutrition™ and offer a whole food parenting course on it so check that out if you are interested.

You definitely don’t have to be a parent to appreciate this information. In fact, many of my clients say this information has helped THEIR own relationship with food. And while I do tend to speak to Moms, if you’re in charge of feeding kids and family – this information is for you! So bring on the Dads, Grandparents, Foster Parents, Neighbors, Babysitters, Teachers.

This is for NURTURERS of all kinds!

This family nutrition blog is a new adventure here so please frequent back to see us GROW!

By the way, if you’re looking for information about a certain subject, please feel free to email me at to submit a request for content!

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