Heal Your Child’s Gut Health and Improve Their Well-Being

Relief from Tummy Troubles, Picky Eating, and More

“After reaching out to Sara, my son is now pooping regularly and eating comfortably. Sara helped us with meal times, seating arrangements, milk choices, and our mindset. Her little tweaks led to big successes for our boy.” — The Morelli Family

Are you struggling to manage your child’s digestive issues, picky eating, or sleep disturbances?

As a pediatric and family dietitian, and as a mother whose son struggled with eczema, chronic sinusitis, tummy troubles (the poor kid barfed all the time!), and GERD, I understand the fear and frustration some parents have when trying to figure out what is going on.

My personalized approach focuses on healing your child’s gut and enhancing their overall well-being through targeted anti-inflammatory eating patterns. All while considering the whole family’s relationship with food and eating.  

So, how does LEAP actually help your child?

Benefits of My Program for Children:

  • Resolve GERD, constipation, diarrhea, and other digestive issues
  • When children FEEL better, they are more open to trying new foods. 
  • Help your child sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed, no more snoring, bedwetting, or sleep disruptions. 
  • Address chronic conditions such as eczema, migraines, and fatigue.
Individual support for individual problems

Inflammation and chronic unwellness are highly individualized; and, so are the solutions. What works for your kiddo might not work for another. That’s why the LEAP program is tailored specifically to your child’s needs. Each journey is unique, and my mission is to create a safe and personalized experience for every client. 

Science-backed testing

My program is rooted in the Mediator Release Test (MRT), a blood test that measures how your white blood cells react to 176 foods and food chemicals. This goes beyond standard food sensitivity tests, providing actionable insights to guide your dietary changes. With the MRT, we can determine what foods are  leading to inflammation and get you feeling better in a matter of weeks. Some people even see results in days!

Inclusion diet instead of an elimination diet

Unlike traditional elimination diets that focus on removing potential triggers, my program emphasizes an “inclusion diet” approach. This means we focus on incorporating a variety of safe, non-reactive foods to nourish their body while avoiding inflammatory triggers. This method not only helps them feel better faster but also promotes a positive and sustainable relationship with food. 

Holistic approach to your problems

While food and nutrition are at the core, I also focus on food parenting, sleep, movement, emotional and overall wellness. My comprehensive approach ensures that your child not only feels better but we also address the whole family’s eating and nutrition lifestyle and dynamics.  

Learn how to use Compassionate Nutrition™ with your kids

In addition to personalized nutrition plans, I offer the Compassionate Nutrition™ Food Parenting Course. This course provides evidence-based, inclusive, and realistic strategies to enhance your family’s relationship with food, eating, and wellness. By integrating autonomy-supportive approaches, you can help your child feel safe, empowered, and comfortable around food and mealtimes.

*Enjoy these podcast-style audio lessons on the go!

Watch my interview about using LEAP and MRT with my son!

How LEAP and the MRT Works

- 1 -

Book a free consultation or complete the initial Symptom Survey and Consult Form

- 2 -

Secure your spot with a $700 deposit and choose a payment plan (or pay in full). **HSA or FSA accepted**

- 3 -

Receive your MRT Test, complete the blood draw at a lab (no fasting), and ship the specimen via FedEx. Shipping included.

- 4 -

90-minute assessment to review your results, choose 40(ish) foods for Phase 1, and create your personalized eating plan.

- 5 -

Phase 1 Protocol: I create your plan with meal ideas, drink alternatives, and more. Follow for 14 days, documenting food and symptoms for review.

- 6 -

First Follow Up: After 2 weeks, we’ll review your symptom survey and food diary. We’ll gradually reintroduce foods and focus on other goals.

- 7 -

Ongoing Support: Continue with follow-up sessions to track progress and troubleshoot. You will have chat support and meal help for the duration.

- 8 -

6 Month Wrap Up: Session frequency varies per client. You have access to me for 6 months. I love to do a wrap-up call with clients before you exit.

Understand what foods work for your kids, and eliminate the guesswork.

You’ll help your child build and nurture a healthy relationship with food, ultimately feeling well and teaching your family to do the same. This isn’t just about immediate relief; it’s about creating long-lasting wellness habits that can be passed down through generations.

• Feel Better • Live Better • One Meal at a Time • Feel Better • Live Better • One Meal at a Time • Feel Better • Live Better • One Meal at a Time • Feel Better • Live Better • One Meal at a Time

Investment in Your Kid’s Health and Future

LEAP for Littles Program: $3,000

Monthly payment plans available, with the first installment due three weeks after ordering or before the initial consultation. Self-pay only, HSA/FSA accepted.


  • MRT Test ($700): Required for deposit.
  • Initial Consultation
  • Up to 6 Follow-Up Visits
  • Direct 1:1 access to me
  • Food & Symptom Journaling
  • Exercise and Lifestyle Journal
  • Meal Planning Support
  • Discounted Supplements

“Our 2-year-old was struggling with irregular bowel movements and severe belly pains, leading to a cycle of not eating and not pooping.

After reaching out to Sara, my son is now pooping regularly and eating comfortably. Sara helped us with meal times, seating arrangements, milk choices, and our mindset. Her little tweaks led to big successes for our boy. It was wonderful to work with Sara; she is extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and patient.”

– The Morelli Family

“Our son struggled with severe eczema, frequent vomiting, anxiety, and chronic sinus issues.

After trying lots of things with little success, we decided to try the LEAP/MRT program with Sara. Within just a few days of eliminating his reactive foods, his eczema started to improve significantly, and he said his hands didn’t itch anymore. The most surprising finding was that his highest reaction was to ginger, which we never expected. His transformation has been remarkable, and now when he starts to feel bad, at least we know what to look for. We are so grateful for Sara’s guidance!”

– Scott

FAQ About LEAP and MRT Testing

What makes the MRT different from other food sensitivity tests?

The MRT is not just another food sensitivity test. While many tests only identify potential triggers, the MRT measures the actual inflammatory response your body has to specific foods and chemicals. This makes it a more accurate and actionable tool for developing a personalized eating plan that addresses your unique needs and helps you feel better faster.

What kind of support will my child and I receive during the program?

Throughout the LEAP For Littles program, you will have access to comprehensive support, including:

  • An initial 90-minute assessment to review your child’s MRT results and create their personalized eating plan.
  • Up to six 45-minute follow-up sessions to track progress and make adjustments.
  • Direct chat access for questions and support between sessions.
  • Meal planning assistance and tailored meal plans.
  • Ongoing symptom and food journaling feedback.
  • A 6-month wrap-up call to ensure long-term success.


Can I use my Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) to pay for the program?

Yes, the LEAP For Littles Program accepts HSA and FSA payments. This allows you to utilize your pre-tax health savings funds to cover the cost of the program, making it more affordable to invest in your child’s long-term health and wellness.

Where do I get blood work done?

Most local labs like Cash Clinical, Quest Labs will usually accommodate (note: LabCorp will not draw for MRT) – just bring your test kit to the the lab. No need to fast.

Ready to Start Your Child’s Journey?

No matter where your child is in their wellness journey, I’m here to support you. My mission is to help your child feel good in a simple, safe, and quick way.