Heal Your Gut Naturally

Learn How to Heal Your Gut Naturally & Transform Your Health

You can feel well, live well, BE well – naturally.

Resolve IBS: no more emergency runs to the bathroom, bloating, debilitating constipation, formed stools for the first time in years, do the things you want to do with out worrying if there will be a bathroom around.
Chronic pain relief: no more days on the couch blinded by pain, no more random and debilitating aches, and no more missing out on the activities with your kids
Fatigue: Stop missing out or feel like you’re lagging behind, wake up feeling refreshed and ready to do whatever you want to do!
Skin, hair, nails: Watch your skin clear up, hair get fuller, and nails grow back
Auto-Immune Relief: Stop struggling through your auto-immune disease and start managing it like second nature. It might be part of who you are, but it doesn’t have to rule your life.
KIDS’ HEALTH: GERD, Tummy troubles, eczema, constipation, chronic bed wetting, more. And get down to the reason why they are refusing foods.

Is your food making you sick? Let’s find out!

Are you ready to heal your gut naturally? With a single blood test (time sensitive), we can determine what foods your body tolerates and which ones are ACTUALLY leading to inflammation and the probable cause of many ailments. The MRT (or Mediator Release Test) tests 176 foods (and food chemicals) and measures the amount of toxins your blood cells release when they come in contact with the compound. THIS is inflammation. Between the individualized MRT test and private nutrition counseling with me, we can have you feeling better in a matter of weeks.

Many of my clients feel relief in a matter of days!

Take the LEAP with me and Be WELL

How it works:

Who I can help:

Check out my expertise and practice focus.


Infant reflux, GERD, FPIES, EoE, Eczema, congestion/chronic sinusitis, diarrhea/constipation, frequent bed-wetting, headaches, ADD/ADHD/ADS, food refusal, and more!


IBS – diarrhea or constipation, chronic pain, migraine, reflux/GERD, leaky gut, eczema, congestion, brain fog, depression/anxiety, sleep issues, chronic fatigue, autoimmune diseases


Enhanced performance, more stamina, optimal functioning of the body, diet diversification.

But who am I?

I’m Sara. A pediatric and family dietitian and also, Certified LEAP therapist. I specialize in food reactions, such as food sensitivities, and help create a personalized anti-inflammatory diet/eating pattern.

Ready to heal your gut naturally?

Live your best life. Learn how to eat well (and pass down great habits to your kids).
Feel well. And BE well. Start here.

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