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Hi, I’m Sara Morrison!

Pediatric & Family Dietitian and Mama of three.

I specialize in child & family nutrition and food parenting. Together, we can address challenges like: infant feeding, growth concerns, feeding difficulties, selective eaters, anxious or timid eaters, food sensitivities/reactions, IBS, overall wellness, and more! I have been working with busy parents and children (with all abilities) since 2014.

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Call/text: (775) 434-8421

Becoming a family dietitian was a natural path for me.

After leaving my first career as a professional dancer, I became a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist in 2014. I practiced in the clinical and public health setting until the end of 2022 and am now solely supporting my clients and families through my own business. Through my virtual practice, I serve families all over but am located in Northern Nevada (Carson City, Lake Tahoe, Reno). 

I have a passion for helping parents and families overcome worries about food and their family’s nutrition. I LOVE introducing new ways of thinking about nutrition, health, and wellness to those who are looking for a better way. My credentials and degrees are based on biological and science-based discipline but my practice offers realistic approaches that can actually serve your family and are not just from the text books. Afterall, having kids can throw reality out the window and we have to get creative.      

Through my coaching and programs, I offer a high level of support and customized solutions for families that are struggling with food, growth, nutrition, and other wellness concerns.

When working with me, you can expect evidence based, inclusive, and realistic strategies to enhance your family’s relationship with food and feeding.

I added the CLT (certified LEAP therapist) credential to my practice in 2021. As a CLT, I use a tool called the MRT (mediator release test) to guide the LEAP protocol – a highly individualized food and chemical elimination diet. The MRT test helps to know what to INCLUDE in your diet vs only thinking about what to eliminate. I have helped clients decrease their IBS symptoms, migraines, chronic pain, and decrease overall inflammation.

*If you are looking for Medical Nutrition Therapy, please fill out an inquiry form and we can discuss details. This is a cash pay/self pay practice.  

My approach to feeding kids, and family nutrition, is founded on Compassionate Nutrition™. 

I have built my approach from specialized training and certification programs including: Responsive Feeding, S.O.S (Sequential Oral Sensory) approach to feeding, Feeding Matters, and the STEPS+ program (by Katija Rowell and Jenny McGlothin).

Compassionate nutrition™ is my own approach and framework. Together we work your family towards competent eating & enjoyment of all foods. 

Stay tuned for a blog post ALL about this approach and why it is the best way to feed your family! 

My values surrounding food and lifestyle are founded on the pillars of a movement based plant forward approach.

My values are founded from a deep love and consideration of this incredible planet we all live on. Living an Earth sustainable lifestyle is incredibly important to me and I strive to help others do the same, when they are ready.

That being said, as a family dietitian (and mom!) I am flexible and understanding. While I feed my family a plant forward diet (think Mediterranean Diet not a Vegan diet), it doesn’t mean I will make you feel like you need to change your diet. I do not expect my clients to eat what my family eats or to live the way we do. And I do not judge you for what you choose to eat and the way you choose to live. I will, however, help you learn new things if you wish and meet you where you are to understand your struggles with out adding any more to your worry list.

There is a great deal of research indicating the benefits of consuming less meat and animal products (for our bodies and the Earth). If you would like, I can help you build a movement based plant forward lifestyle for your family – WITHOUT removing loved or cultural foods from your life.  

No matter the reason you work with me, I do not put anyone on a “diet”.  Some may consider me a “non-diet” dietitian because I typically DO NOT recommend restricting any specific foods and/or food groups unless considering sensitivities or allergies, a medical condition requiring a specific regimen, or for personal/cultural choices.

As a family dietitian, I believe that when we feed our family, we give more than food

When we feed our family, we give SO much more than just food. We give love and life. We give our time, our attention as we build trust and we grow together as we connect. It goes way beyond just food. 

It is hard to find peace and harmony in our lives when that feeding/eating relationship (whether feeding yourself or your child/family) is out of balance or struggling. This journey is not one of changing what you or your family eats; it is a journey of changing your attitude, belief system, and relationship with food.

Change is hard. It takes perseverance and patience. And I believe change is best when taken in small steps rather than giant leaps.

My mission is to help you raise a healthy, happy family with out giving them a complex!   

“Healthy” is SO subjective and eating is one of the most personal and difficult things we do as a human! Especially when we are first learning to do it as infants and children. Plus, eating is one of the only things we do that needs all 5 of our senses to work together for the best possible experience. I believe the best nutrition therapy and coaching isn’t about telling a person what they are doing wrong; it is about asking them to dance and helping to work towards realistic, sustainable, and thriving goals. It is also being a safe, supportive, non-judgmental space to heal and grow. So no matter if you are in my membership, group coaching and course, or working with me through a concierge program, the support is safe and nurturing. 

I have degrees in biological sciences, nutritional sciences, and dietetics.

Becoming a family dietitian take a great deal of work!

I graduated from Western Nevada College and University of Nevada, Reno. I also completed 1200 hours of supervised practice and passed the national board exam required to become a Registered Dietitian in 2014.  

The best and the worst part of being a nutrition professional is…nutrition, and the science, is always changing! So I keep up to date with mandatory continuing education units (but I also really love to learn so it’s not a chore at all). 

And finally….I am a happy wife and a mommy to three little dragons (one of whom is a cancer survivor!).

Yep, I’ve been in the weeds too. Mommin’ aint easy! 

I’m also a dancer, skier, camper, explorer, lover, helper, laugh-er, and a smile-er. Some things I really LOVE: my family, beach days with my besties, cooking and exploring new foods, yoga, surfing, traveling, planting things and watching them grow, movies with popcorn, peppermint in my coffee, stale marshmallows, epic dance parties (I’m not picky – could be at the club OR with my family in the living room), water slides, wine tasting, Disneyland, Kauai, and talking about food and nutrition. My motto is Love is Life and I believe it with all my heart. My dream is to have a foundation that supports children with feeding difficulties. I try to live my life as loudly and authentically as possible with kindness as my foundation

Please follow me on social media to learn even more about me! And feel free to ask me anything. I’m an open book.

It would be my privilege to help you and your family reach your nutritional and wellness goals.

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